A Robot can not choreograph…

Today I had to do a longer ride on the bus and the subway.

When I was sitting there I looked around and found out how many people are just staring at their smartphone or tablet.



Sure I also use my time sometimes to check emails, write some messages, find a way to the next restaurant or venue.

But how much is ok? I mean, how much do we recognise our environment, the people around us?

Do we see anything new, do we explore our world? Do these mobile devices distract us from our world? For me as a choreographer it is very important to be creative, to create new things.

To create I need input, I need ideas and I find these ideas while watching other people, while looking out of the window and seeing things.

How can you choreograph movements if you never watch them, how can you choreography emotions if you don’t know exactly what emotions and personal behaviour of people looks like?

Every choreography of mine is based on emotions I had, things that I saw, colours that touched me, sometimes a picture in a museum, the situation I had gone through, a movie, a book, a building, weather, light and so many things i explored just by looking around and being open for the world around me.

As a choreographer I channel all this into a raw piece of art which I give to my dancers and let them express my thoughts, feelings and ideas. So my advice for every choreographer, every dancer, every artist out there is, open your eyes, see, feel and explore to be creative.

Most ideas for choreographies you won’t find in the internet, just open your eyes, your ears, your nose, all your senses and communicate with other people.

A Robot can not choreograph.

Have a great rest of the week, talk to you soon.
Thanks for reading.

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