Recap DanceStar 2018

After a couple weeks and travels to Atlanta, New York and some quiet days of rest in Germany it is time to recap a wonderful season with DanceStar 2018.

In 30 years of judging and teaching around the globe I have to say that I never felt that home at a competition.

Everything was organized perfectly from the beginning till the end. I called the whole organisation and staff the DanceStar Family and they took me into their family with open arms. Not many jobs in my life felt that easy and satisfying.

My first qualifier in March has been in Nitra, Slowakia, followed by Zell am See and Villach in Austria. I enjoyed all of those 3 events very much. Great atmosphere, awesome talents and a lot of creativity on stage. So I was really honored and happy that they invited me also to the World Finals in Porec, Croatia.

And this event has been even more fantastic than I expected. When I saw the whole setup, the venue and all that equipment I knew, that it will be spectacular. But after two long days of judging the Zero Hour Qualifier,  the Opening Ceremony really knocked me out. I did not exspect that. Many of you know that I have been very ill last year and exactly on the 23rd of May 2017,  I left the hospital in a wheelchair, not able to walk one step and a year later a had the chance to be in Croatia, at the beach, with thousands of dancers, DJ, Stage Acts and a spectacular firework. This really made me cry and I knew this is gonna be an event for the dancers, planed with so much love, idealism and details.

I can not say which I enjoyed more, the Opening Ceremony or the brilliant and spectacular Gala Night with 8000 spectators and the best choreographies of all.  It is not often that choreographies are that brilliant that they make me cry. Congratulations South Africa you made it with you Glory.  And the winner of that evening is the most amazing talent I have seen in ages. I hope she will follow her way with passion.

Though it was hard week, sitting and judging for hours each day, getting to see fabulous dancers and choreographies, it was an energizing week which gave a lot more of energy back than it took. Meeting great and professional collegues, working in a amazing team and finding some great new friends has been the result of that week. I am missing all those people and hope to be back judging for DanceStar again very soon.

All dancers and school directors, parents, friends and families travelling to Porec also a big Thank you. All who have not been there: You missed something. I can only advise anyone to become a part of Dancestar Season 2019.

Have a great summer and keep dancing!


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