…. a word

Dear choreographers, teachers, collegues,

Dear parents,

it is easier to write positive posts than writing unpopular posts.

This time I will not give a judges tip, this time I will hopefully make you think very seriously.

In the competition world we see more and more choreographies, movements, music and costumes that are not age appropriate. Kids dancing with too adult, too sexy costumes, showing sexy baby Lolita moves and wearing too much make up, often performed on music with explicit lyrics. The little dancers show routines that they technically and anatomically can not master correctly, with forced turnout, turns and jumps without correct plies and preparations, overstretched acrobatics and too many tricks.

Do we really need to do this to them. We are responsible, we as choreographers, teachers and judges as well as the parents. I know there is much influence from US TV and YouTube and often this gets copied because people believe this is the newest trend. As a pro-judge as well as a teacher and choreographer I can tell you: you don’t need that to win. All professional judges I know do not want to see this. We want to see kids on stage that are educated with age appropriate technique, with choreographies they can master with comfort and self confidence. Kids that show love for dance, motivation and artistic expression on stage.

Kids are not little adults, do not steal their childhood. Please!

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