Dancing & Drinking

What, when and how much a dancer should drink   Are you drinking enough and the right Drinks during training and performances? Drinking enough and the right drinks is very important for dancers. Nearly 70 to 80% of the human body is water. If we loose water we also loose minerals. A lack of minerals … Dancing & Drinking weiterlesen

Germany, become a part of DanceStar….

(Sorry this Text is only in German) Germany, become a part of DanceStar..... Liebe Tänzer, Choreographen, Tanzpädagogen und Trainer, Liebe Kollegen, Wie die meisten wissen, werte ich seit vielen Jahren als professioneller Juror bei unzähligen Wettbewerben in den USA, Europa, Asien und Südafrika, von kleineren Turnieren und Festivals bis zu Mega Events. Seit letztem Jahr … Germany, become a part of DanceStar…. weiterlesen

…. a word

Dear choreographers, teachers, collegues, Dear parents, it is easier to write positive posts than writing unpopular posts. This time I will not give a judges tip, this time I will hopefully make you think very seriously. In the competition world we see more and more choreographies, movements, music and costumes that are not age appropriate. … …. a word weiterlesen