This is a special offer for Soloists, Duos, Trio or small groups who not have the chance to book a full day coaching, workshop or masterclass with Sten or get a complete new Choreography from him.

At Special Dates in special cities you can book you personal slot for an individual coaching and judges feedback. To make shure that s mny dancers as possible will get the chance to get a time slot, we have set up the following rules:

  • every Solo Dancer is only allowed to book a maximum of two one slots (one slot is 1 hour)
  • if a dancer has booked his maximum of time he can still book another slot with his duo partner, Trio or Quartett. .
  • time schedule is created after all slots are booked. You may not asked for a special time. but we try to arrange that all your slots are without a break and without waiting.
  • the first Slot is at 9:30am and the last at 7:30. There are a maximum of 8 Slots available per day.
  • to applay for a slot you have to send us one ore more videos of your last or actual comptition dance
  • when your application ist approved, you get a message and your time information


  • 1 hour for Solo Dancers is 50 Euro / 55 USD / 80 AUSD
  • 1 hour for a Duo is 60 Euro/ 65 USD / 95 AUSD
  • 1 hour for a Trio or more is 70 EURO / 75 USD / 115 AUSD

For each slot you have to fill up that form and send it. e.g. one for your solo and one time for your duo

Tell us a bit more about your dance education, dance experience. what categorie and style do you dance, which competitions do you visit and what are your best recent results ?

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