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FOR 2019

(All Workshops and classes are available in English and German) For other Technique Worshops and Masterclasses, Workshops and Lectures in the SK Method of Body Eduction please click here.


This masterclass is about preparing your mind for your dance performance. To perform a perfect routine with proper technique and great expression is important not to loose your focus. Focus is not possible without concentration and concentration needs a special mindsetting and starts not only when you enter the stage but before in the wings, the wardrobe, on the way to the theater and of course weeks in advance at home and at rehearsal. Sten shows you execises and ways to achieve better focus and concentration.
➔ Possible duration of class: 90 min, 120min or 180min
➔ music needed

Feel it, don´t fake it! What is the right expression for your choreography, how can you find the right mood and emotions? How can you show these emotions with facial expression, body tension, body posture and other stilistic elements? Sten shows you how, with many exercises, games and a lot of tips from his own stage expierence. This class is suitable for dancers of all styles and level.
➔ Possible duration of class: 90 min or 120min or 180min
➔ music obligartory but not needed

In many dance styles you need not only a good facial and body expression, you also need real acting skills to make your performance artistically brilliant, not ony in Musical Theatre, also in Jazz, Show, Contemporary, Open, Commercial and all other styles. Sten will show you many exercises to improve your acting, improvisation talent, lipsync and much more. This class goes very well together with the workshop „finding our expression“ it ist also suitable for dancers of all styles and level.
➔ Possible duration of class: 90 min or 120min or 180min
➔ music obligartory but not needed

Mostly every person who has to go o a stage infront of an audience like dancers, actors and speakers feel nervous and often frightend. Stage Fright usually is not a bad thing if you can handle it and use it. It can give you the power and tension for a good performance. But if you can not handle it, it gets too strong and destroys your performance. There are exercises and ways to cope wth too much stage fright and how to use it. This class is for al dancers, actors, speakers and people who have to do things in front of an audience.
➔ Possible duration of class: 120min or 180min
➔ music needed



Pilates is not that fitness routine some people tried to convert it into. Like Yoga is not a fitness routine, Pilates is not a trend. Done correctly in the classical way like it was invented by Joseph Pilates in the 1920th and teached by his 1st Generation Teachers, it is the perfect training for dancers to prevent injury, enhance performance and recover from injury and to educated the body perfectly for all dancestyles. Sten Kuth is a 2nd Generation Masterteacher who practises Pillates since nearly 30 and teaches it since 25 years now. He worked with some of the so called elders like Romana Kryszanowka, Kathy Grant, Eve Gentry, Lolita San Miguel and Ron Fletcher as well as other 2nd Generation Teachers like Alycea Ungaro, Bob Liekens, Rael Isacowitz and Brooke Siler. In this introductonary workhop you learn the base of the Classical Mat Series, the Basics of the Pilates System and what it can do for you.

Possible duration of class: 90 min or 120min or 180min


DANCE SAFETY – Intoduction to safe dance practise
This 3 hour workshop is all about the newest knowledge and developments concerning a safe dance practise and dance medicine during class, training and on stage. It´s an essential Update for all dancers, teacher and choreographers of all dancestyles.
➔ duration 180min
➔ no music


A proper warm up and cooling down is the most important part of every dance class, rehearsal and every stage performance. In a class, the teacher usually plans a structured Warm Up and teaches it, but there are situations where you have to warm up on your own, like before going on stage, into an audition or before training or class starts. Every dancer know this, but so many do it not well. Let´s remember how to do it correctly, learn news from the research and get some personal advice from Sten in this workshop.
➔ Possible duration of class: 90 min or 120min
➔ music obligartory but not needed

……. Walking, Running, Jumping and Rhythm
You can walk, run and jump? Than you can dance. But can you walk, run and jump correctly, perfectly and in the right timing? Most dancers (and teacher) spend too less time on working on these essentials of dance ever and ever. Probably you will be surprised what you can experience and learn from simply walkig, running and jumping correctly and how this will have an ernormous effect on your dance performance.
➔ Possible duration of class: 90 min or 120min or 180min
➔ music needed

FLEXIBILITY with Stretching, Mobilisation, Relaxation and Awareness
There are many myths about Flexibility Training and how to do it correctly. Flexibility Training is not only Stretching, it is more than that, it is also Mobilisation, Awareness, Concentration, Strength andRelaxation. Moreover Stretching is not only static stretching as most know and do it. There are many forms of Stretching like activ static, passiv static, PNF, dynamic, full range of moment ect. In this masterclass you learn how to enhance your flexibilty, how and and when to stretch and all you need to know about stretching for safe and effective dance practise and performance.
➔ Possible duration of class: 90 min or 120min or 180min
➔ music obligartory but not needed


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