In nearly 30 years in the dance industry, Sten has danced and teached worldwide. After ending his stage carreer and thousands of workshops and masterclasses he continues teaching with young talents and dancers of all styles and level. His experience as a dancer, actor, choreographer and international competition judge flows into his teaching as well as his deep knowledge in anatomy, kinesis and mindbody training systems like Piates and Yoga. Since a couple of years Sten´focusses more on workshops and masterclasses for dance technique, bodyeducation, dancesafety and performance training than on choreographic workshops. „As a dancer you will learn in every workshop, but dancing is not only about learning fancy combinations and routines, dancing is about technique, strength, control, awareness and last but not least emotions, this is what you need to learn and I ike to teach you this. Learn to use your body and your mind“